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Inman Shipping Worldwide is the premier provider of repatriation services for the deceased in the United States. With over four decades of experience, we have been dedicated to facilitating the journey home for loved ones from every corner of the globe.

Our Travel Plan by Inman™ is designed to smoothly handle all travel logistics when a passing occurs more than 75 miles away from your designated residence. We know that repatriation expenses can be immense, which is why our plan offers protection against unexpected financial burdens while you're traveling.

Call Travel Plan by Inman™ at (803) 981-4684 and our knowledgeable representatives will manage all necessary arrangements with expertise and compassion.

Travel Plan by Inman

Membership Benefits:

One phone call to Travel Plan by Inman™ at (803) 981-4684 will take care of:

Immediate assistance: Our team will promptly reach out to licensed funeral homes or embalming services near the place of passing.

Transportation coordination: We oversee the safe transfer of the deceased to the chosen funeral home or service center for necessary preparations.

Comprehensive preparation: This includes embalming or cremation at the location of passing, along with the procurement of all essential shipping documentation and a death certificate.

Secure handling: We ensure that they are securely placed in a shipping container for transportation to their local funeral home.

2 important notes for the Travel Plan:

1) Contact Travel Plan by Inman™ before making any arrangements so that we can help you adhere to legal and procedural requirements for transporting human remains.

2) Please note that medical tourism is not covered under the plans.

How to Enroll in a Plan

To purchase a plan, or if you have any questions, please contact us at (803) 981-4684 or

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